VOC Capital Partners was founded in October 2009 by its partners, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Partners of VOCCP have invested in the following companies, and we are actively looking for the next attractive investment opportunity.

StudyPortals is an online platform for finding and comparing study programmes at universities, universities of applied science and research institutes.


Inbiolab is a company that provides innovative non-invasive Solutions in electrophysiology in order to develop commercial end products for medical use.


We Prevent provides personal security guards that will view your surveillance cameras whenever you want it. When they see something suspicious they will take action and prevent burglary and vandalism in realtime.


Senior Service matches informal care takers with the less capable elderly who need help with everyday chores.


Sloop de Crisis is an auction platform that will make households save money on their fixed costs. It also provides a service that automatically transfers your subscription to the cheapest provider.


Creative Clicks is a leading mobile marketing company with a strong and highly converting product portfolio. They have mastered the science of mobile performance based advertisement.


The Nederlandse Betaal & Wisselmaatschappij can do your foreign exchanges at extremely good rates. Their low overhead costs and advanced IT system makes them a big competitor for banks.


MiniBrew is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew professional quality craft beer. It comes with an app, ingredient packs and a keg so you can make and store the best self made beers.